Super Stars like to wear moncler jackets

Super Stars like to wear moncler jackets

22 February, 2019

Fifty years ago, two ski brand manufacturers met a skier, and three young people came together to design down jackets for climbing and skiing expeditions to the polar regions. Because of their bold colors and innovative designs, Moncler down jackets have made an astonishing reputation all over the world.

Moncler’s brand name comes from the abbreviation of the town Monestier de Clermon. The story of Moncler began during the Second World War, experienced the baptism of World War II, precipitated the vicissitudes of history, and shined after washing out the lead.

This brand has a legendary history, which has won the title of “feather emperor” in the industry. Today, Moncler is the leading international top brand in the field of outdoor down jacket.

Moncler is dedicated to professional areas and its safety is trustworthy. In Europe, Moncler products are selected as the top exploration archaeological equipment in Italy, France and other European countries. Many top international brands in Europe cooperate with Mengkou to launch original products.

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