Moncler’s Wonderful Way to Seize the Market

Moncler’s Wonderful Way to Seize the Market

22 February, 2019

For luxury goods, many brands sell additional series on the basis of traditional two seasons every year. From Gucci under Kering (Kaiyun Group) to Louis Vuitton under LVMH Group, none of them can compare with the latest frequencies of the “Moncler Genius” project.

Legacy is trying to get rid of its down jacket concept. The company hopes to sell more seasonal fashion products with the help of its Moncler Genius series, which was officially launched in June. Remo Ruffini, CEO of Lenovo, said he hoped the company would launch a new series every month in the future.

Remo Ruffini said that “Moncler Genius” has reshaped the core of the AU’s brand, breaking the quarterly restrictions, and each series will be released separately. The inspiration for this project is that we want to find an innovative way of expressing ourselves and continue to talk to our customers.

In February this year, the group further released the “Moncler Genius” strategy, jointly launched a joint series with eight world-renowned designers, stylists and the founders of Tide. They include Pierpaolo Piccioli, Valentino Creative Director, disciples of Kawabata, Fujihara Fujimoto, founder of Chaobai Fragment Design, Francesco Ragazzi, founder of Palm Angels, and so on. They can be said to be the darlings of the fashion world. It is understood that the series has appeared during Milan Fashion Week and will be the first Moncler Fragments series to be launched in June in cooperation with Japanese fashion Godfather

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