Moncler’s net profit jumped 27% last year

Moncler’s net profit jumped 27% last year

22 February, 2019

Innovation can make the brand evergreen. Moncler, a luxury down brand that knows it well, handed in a satisfactory report card again last year.

In the 12 months ending December 31, Moncler’s sales rose 15% to 1.19 billion euros from a year earlier. It has recorded double-digit growth for 16 consecutive quarters. Operating profit also rose 15% to 340.9 million euros, gross interest rate was 34.5%, and net profit rose 27.3% to 249.7 million euros from a year earlier.

Moncler was founded in 1952 by climbers Rene Ramillom and Andre Vincent. It is mainly outdoor climbing products such as tents and sleeping bags. It was originally not associated with luxury fashion. In 1954, Moncler began to produce functional down jackets and was later selected as the cooperative brand of the French skiing team for the Winter Olympics.

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