Moncler Down Jacket Wins more and more Popularity

Moncler Down Jacket Wins more and more Popularity

22 February, 2019

Remo Ruffini, CEO of the group, pointed out in a conference call that Moncler Genius, a project of the group, cooperated with Fujihara, the godfather of Japanese fashion, and launched a series of “Moncler Fragment” series, which showed excellent performance and promoted sales growth: “The first series of Moncler Genius project has been successful in major markets and channels and successfully achieved the expected targets. We will continue to promote the development of this project and launch more different series.

In 2017, Moncler shut down Gamme Rouge, the women’s and men’s deputy line, which was operated by renowned fashion designers Giambattista Valli and Thom Browne respectively. In February this year, Moncler Genius project was launched, jointly with eight renowned fashion designers and innovators. (See the previous report of “Gorgeous Zhi”: Moncler wants to make himself more “fashionable”! Together with eight famous designers, stylists and the founder of Chaobai, Moncler launched a cooperative series.)

Roberto Eggs, Chief Marketing Officer and Operating Officer of Moncler, pointed out that the introduction of the Moncler Fragment series boosted the flow of customers in stores by 10%, 20% in two weeks, and reached half of the total sales in the first week of sale. Although the target customers of the series are men, women contribute half of the sales. In addition, 45% of customers are not old customers of Moncler.

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