Moncler spring and summer new products

Moncler spring and summer new products

22 February, 2019

Mention of Moncler, many people’s first reaction is down clothes, known as the “feather emperor” of the down clothing brand, in order to keep warm and well-known in the world, which series of Moncler is good? There is no absolute answer to this question, because we always insist on innovation and fashion design, and many classic designs are popular, especially designer collaboration series has become the most anticipated part of every year. Recently, Moncler Genius has released new products. Moncler 1952 series of spring and summer products have been officially sold in stores and official websites since January 31. Let’s feel the outstanding performance of this series.

On September 19, 2018, Moncler Genius transformed magnificently and continued Moncler Genius’s “Next Chapter” with a new series. The Men’s Menswear 1952 series, which was launched this time, used a lot of star and “Moncler” letters stamps designed by the brand and artist Hey Reilly. The series deconstructed and reconstructed the whole and details of clothing in endless geometric changes, and created a fantasy. Collage image.

Moncler 1952 series men’s clothes are bold and avant-garde, giving off a modern urban atmosphere. This series of clothing is very functional in shape and fabrics: zipper jacket, outdoor jacket, Parker coat, short coat, sports pants and Bermuda shorts and other items, all using cotton, nylon or functional tear-proof fabric. In the use of color, with bright color matching neutral color, or in black embellishing bright color, while the application of geometric patterns and inlays, also let the single product glow infinite vitality, visually stand out. Zipper pockets are better for carrying carry-on items, Feather-Filled collars are cold-resistant enough, and practicality is reflected in inadvertent detail design.

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