Moncler brings you to feel the creativity of fashion down jacket

Moncler brings you to feel the creativity of fashion down jacket

22 February, 2019

In cold winter, down jacket is an indispensable item. Many people will struggle with which brand of down jacket is of good quality. Especially for young people who like cool style, the requirement for down jacket is no longer limited to warmth retention and wearability, but more practical and stylish down jacket. Moncler is popular with many celebrities because of its fashionable design and super-function. Become the representative brand of high-value down clothes.

In the past, down jackets used to be bulky in appearance because of the need for warmth, so they used to be synonymous with “local atmosphere” and were not related to fashion. Moncler, who started with outdoor sports equipment, moved down clothes onto the T-stage, making them successful in the fashion circle, becoming a dazzling star item, thus contributing to the transformation of down clothes into fashion. Innovation is Moncler’s DNA. In 2018, Moncler launched the highly anticipated Moncler Genius project, creating eight joint series with eight talented designers. After that, Moncler Genius transformed magnificently and continued Moncler Genius’s “Next Chapter” with a new series, including the Moncler 1952 series officially launched on January 31, 2019.

Moncler 1952 series includes men’s and women’s clothes. Men’s style is bold and avant-garde, while women’s clothes are low-key and confident. The whole series deconstructs and reconstructs the whole and details of garments in endless geometric changes, creating a magical collage image.

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