Moncler Clothing Limited Series for Spring Festival 2019

Moncler Clothing Limited Series for Spring Festival 2019

22 February, 2019

At the beginning of the Spring Festival, Vientiane is renewed. On the occasion of the Chinese Lunar New Year in 2019, Moncler Down Garments launched a special limited series to celebrate the Spring Festival and present the Spring Festival with fashion design and Oriental temperament.

Moncler’s Spring Festival Limited Series in 2019, with red and black as the main tones, echoes the traditional Chinese festival atmosphere while giving the classical brand design an oriental classical temperament. The series was officially launched at Moncler Store on January 5.

Moncler 2019 Spring Festival Limited Series Ms. Cercette jacket, with red velvet on the outer layer and peach-red bright nylon on the inner lining, the bright crystal beads at LOGO on the chest are the finishing touch, which makes the overall personality of the garment distinct.

Moncler Spring Festival limited series men’s clothing in 2019 is also very stylish, Duque men’s double-sided Baseball Jacket with white embroidered piglet pattern as the highlight, and pure black Satin (shading) fabric collision a strong contrast, full of personality.

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